Brochette Toppers Grazing Board D (serves 20 people)


£ 27.50 per person


Small side salads with a choice of brochettes to go on top, eaten with a fork allowing your guests to socialise and try lots of different dishes throughout your event


For each guest we provide a selection of

5 small salads & 5 brochettes (serves 20 people)




Garlic & herb chicken brochette

fennel, orange, red onion, fresh herb, walnut with a honey & mustard dressing


Sweet chilli chicken

beansprouts, carrot, pepper, cucumber baton, spring onion & leaves with sweet chilli sauce


Chilli & lime chicken brochette

chilli, lime, garlic, corn, leaves, avocado, spring onion & fresh coriander


Honey garlic chicken brochette

lentil, cucumber, tomato, red onion, pepper, feta, artichoke heart, fresh herb


Moroccan chicken brochette

roasted vegetable,  chickpea, rocket, feta, honey, lemon, spices & a mint yoghurt dressing



Sweet items

Fresh fruit brochettes

Chocolate chip mini muffins