How to organise the ultimate Six Nations Rugby Tournament 2024



Considering hosting a party to celebrate and watch the big game? We’ve put together a guide to help you plan a party to remember.

The world’s greatest rugby tournament first matches kicking off on Friday 2nd February 2024.

Whether you support England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland or Wales, you’ll agree that this year’s Six Nations is set to be an exciting one for all rugby lovers, following the World Cup that was not as successful as expected for most.


Guest list

First of all, perfect that guest list! Invite all your closest friends, family and neighbours! Get everyone together to support their home nation and have some fun.


Jazz up the room with rugby bunting, flags, balloons - room decor

Dress Code

Encourage all attending to wear a shirt representing the country they are supporting - national shirts


Themed national food platters - themed food platters




Get the supplies in with plenty of time to allow you to chill as necessary in enough time & organise the drinking vessels - order the supplies

Match Predictions

Get everyone involved in guessing the match outcome for free by signing up to - predict the score


Arrange the most suitable date for the party with all the games being shown on terrestrial TV for free - fixtures

Rugby Anthems & Music

Ramp up the atmosphere with music in the arena playing the best rugby anthems building up to the match - sing your hearts out

Six nations wall chart

Put up on the wall so as everyone can keep up to date with previous scores & how teams are progressing - update the knowledge

Post Match Games

To help celebrate or commiserate when the match is finished why not try your hand at some classic bar games, split into teams or play individually with a prize for the ultimate winner


Defy Gravity - Using only one hand, each player must keep two balloons from touching the ground for one minute. For a more challenging game, increase the amount to three balloons per player (and use different coloured balloons for each player to make it easy to differentiate.) No holding the balloons!


Penny for Your Thoughts - Players must stack 25 pennies in under a minute using only one hand. This game works well with three players competing in each round of play.


Rice Bowl - Use chopsticks to transfer as much rice as possible from one bowl to another with one hand. (Hint: use uncooked rice so the texture makes the rice difficult to maneuver.)


Roll the Dice - Give each contestant a pair of dice and assign someone to assist. Participants will roll the dice as many times as they can in a minute, while the partner adds up the total for each roll. The highest combined total wins!


Rugby grounds – name as many rugby grounds from anywhere in the world in 2 mins write them down