Biodegradable Products


All of our food is delivered on serving platters/paper plates & napkins which are recyclable.


Serving platters - made from rPET plastic is used which is made from 40% recycled material

Paper plates- made from white virgin board

Paper napkins - made from soft paper

Plastic cup - Made from PP which is a plastic material that is food safe

Cutlery – made from polystyrene

You can upgrade to using Biodegradable products


Serving platters -Sustainably-sourced board with PLA window - a renewable material made from plants.

Plates - Palm Leaf Plates Disposable Wooden Biodegradable Paper Plates

Napkins - Bamboo Paper Napkins 100% Compostable and Eco

Cup - Bagasse Fiber 100% Compostable and Eco

Cutlery - made out of high quality wood and free of any toxins. 100% NATURAL & PLASTIC-FREE – An eco-friendly & Sustainable