Put Together Your Own Finger Buffet Menu Yourself


Choose the number of choices from the following list

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Choose the number of choices from the following list




FB Menu A

at £ 7.50 per guest


Bakery                         5

Finger Items     7

Salad                1




FB Menu B

at £ 8.50 per guest


Bakery                         5

Finger Items     9

Salad                1

Sweet items      2




FB Menu D

at 10.00 per guest


Bakery             5

Finger Items     8





FB Menu E

at £ 11.00 per guest


Bakery B                     5

Finger Items                 10

Sweet items                  4










Chicken & salad on wholemeal bread

Gammon ham & pickle on white bread

Gammon ham & mustard on white

Italian salami & peppers on wholemeal

Ham salad on multi seed

Roast chicken & cucumber on multi seed

Roast beef with red onion chutney on multi seed

Grilled bacon, lettuce & tomato with mayo on white

Tuna & sweetcorn mayonnaise on white

Prawn mayonnaise, leaf, tomato & cucumber on wholemeal

Egg mayonnaise on wholemeal (vegetarian)

Cheddar cheese & red onion on multi seed bread (vegetarian)

Cheddar cheese & tomato chutney on white (vegetarian)

Beetroot, spinach & goats cheese on white bread (vegetarian)


Cheese & tomato salad on white (vegetarian)

Mozzarella, tomato & avocado on wholemeal bread (vegetarian)

Hummus with Cucumber on wholemeal bread (vegetarian)

Cheddar cheese & pickle on white (vegetarian)

Cucumber caper & mint on white (vegetarian)

Falafel and humus on wholemeal (vegetarian)

Cream cheese and roasted pepper on wholemeal (vegetarian)

Mozzarella cheese and basil pesto on white (vegetarian)

Falafel and fruity mango chutney on multi seed (vegetarian)

Sliced avocado with tomatoes on wholemeal bread (vegan)

Vegan cheese with ploughman’s pickle sandwich on white bread (vegan)

Hummus with cucumber on multi seed bread (vegan)

Vegan guacamole with sun dried tomatoes, grated carrot and lettuce on white bread (vegan)


Chickpea, carrot & capers on wholemeal (vegan)

Cheddar cheese, tomato, spinach & cucumber on wholemeal (vegan)

Beetroot humus & leaves in multi seed (vegan)

Humus & olive on multi seed (vegan)


Sandwiches (made with gluten free bread)

Guacamole with sun dried tomato sandwich (vegetarian)

Roast chicken & cucumber sandwich

Ham salad sandwich

Hummus with cucumber sandwich (vegetarian)

Tuna & sweetcorn sandwich (NO MAYO)

Cheese & tomato sandwich



Falafel & humus wrap (vegan)

Chickpea, carrot & caper wrap (vegan)

Veggies, leaves, humus, sriracha hot sauce & avocado wrap (vegan)

Vegan chickpea Caesar wrap (vegan)

Humus with cucumber and guacamole sauce with sun dried tomato and lettuce wrap (vegan)

Falafel & humus wrap with mixed leaf & a mint & lemon dressing wrap(vegan)

Bacon, lettuce & tomato in a tomato wrap with mayonnaise wrap

Sweet chilli chicken wrap

Chicken salad wrap

Milano salami with pesto and tomato wrap

Ham and mozzarella cheese wrap

Pastrami with cheddar gherkins and mustard wrap

Ham and cheese wrap

Chicken tikka wrap

Tuna mayo sweet corn wrap

Smoked salmon with cream cheese wrap

Prawn & cucumber with lime mayonnaise

Smoked mackerel in a crème fraiche, horseradish and lemon dressing wrap

Cream cheese and tomato wrap (vegetarian)


Humus with cucumber wrap (vegetarian)

Branston pickle sauce with cheddar cheese wrap (vegetarian)

Egg mayonnaise wrap (vegetarian)

Pesto mozzarella and tomato wrap (vegetarian)


Small wrap pinwheel

Sweet chilli chicken pinwheel

Turkey, bacon, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, onion, garlic & dill pinwheel

Turkey, bacon, cream cheese, blue cheese, onion, tomato & dill pinwheel

Cream cheese, pesto, Parmesan cheese, ham pinwheel

Chicken. cream cheese, blue cheese, cheese, onions, hot sauce pinwheel

Turkey, cheddar cheese and hummus pinwheel

Tuna mayonnaise pinwheel

Prawn & cucumber with lime mayonnaise pinwheel

Pesto mozzarella and tomato pinwheel (vegetarian)

Hummus, spinach & feta pinwheel

Olive, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, chillies, garlic pinwheel

Pesto tortilla pinwheel

Branston pickle sauce with cheddar cheese pinwheel (vegetarian)

Sun-dried tomato, Parmesan, garlic, spinach & basil pinwheel

Humus with cucumber and guacamole sauce with sun dried tomato and lettuce (vegan)

Vegan chickpea Caesar pinwheel (vegan)

Chickpea, carrot & caper pinwheel (vegan)



Cucumber, caper, spring onion, cream cheese, rocket & mint baguette (vegetarian)

Italian Salami, rocket & pepperonata baguette

Cajun Chicken, lettuce, tomatade with mayonnaise baguette

Salmon, chickpea, chilli mustard mayonnaise & rocket baguette

Prawn & watercress baguette


Finger rolls

Egg mayonnaise finger roll (vegetarian)


Cheddar cheese & red onion finger roll (vegetarian)

Cheddar cheese & tomato chutney finger roll (vegetarian)

Tuna & sweetcorn mayonnaise finger roll

Prawn mayonnaise, leaf, tomato & cucumber finger roll

Roast beef with red onion chutney finger roll

Grilled bacon, lettuce & tomato with mayo finger roll

Ham salad finger roll

Chickpea, carrot & capers finger roll (vegan)


Pitta pockets

Prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato & basil pitta

Chicken salsa verde, pickled red cabbage, rocket, tomato & garlic yogurt pitta

Baked salmon, capers, dill, mayonnaise and rocket pitta

Curried chick pea pate in pitta bread with salad (vegetarian)



Blue cheese, turkey, bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato & garlic mayo ciabatta

Grilled chicken Romesco sauce, manchego cheese baby greens ciabatta

Coleslaw, ham, salami, turkey, cheese, lettuce or alpha sprouts ciabatta

Parmesan, basil, oregano, olives, salami ham provolone cheese ciabatta

Chicken roasted red pepper, minced garlic, crushed red pepper ciabatta

Chilli flakes avocado tomato ciabatta (vegetarian)

Beetroot humus & rocket in ciabatta (vegan)


Savoury croissant

Sussex gammon & farmhouse cheddar croissant

Scottish smoked salmon & cream cheese croissant

Free range boiled egg & heritage tomato croissant

Goat’s cheese & tomato croissant

Mozzarella, basil, tomato



Olive, tomato & hummus bagel

Vegan cream cheese & jalapeno bagel

Avocado, spring onion & lime bagel

Bacon, sliced avocado and tomato chutney bagel

Bacon & egg, mayonnaise bagel

Cheddar & ham bagel

Smoked salmon, cream cheese & avocado bagel

Mozzarella, sundried tomato bagel

Pesto & basil bagel



Finger Items

Melton Mowbray mini pork pie

Chipolata sausage

Roast beef in mini Yorkshire pudding with horseradish

Savoury egg

Southern fried chicken straws

Minced beef pasties

Cheese & tomato pizza (vegetarian) (Hot/cold)

Chicken poppers

Vegetable samosas (vegetarian) (Hot/cold)

Mini sausage roll

Cheese and Onion Rolls (vegetarian)

Vegetable Spring Rolls (vegetarian)

Chorizo, dill, caramelised red onion & goat's cheese blinis

Beef and Caramelized Onion crostini

Smoked salmon, cream cheese and fresh chives crostini

Tuna, tomato olives crostini

Tuna, mayonnaise hardboiled egg crostini

Smoked trout pate & chervil blinis

Smoked trout pate on toasted rye bread with dill sprigs

Crab pate with green onion & chilli salad blinis


Crab, avocado cream, sweetcorn & lime blinis

Smoked mackerel pate with pickled red onion & dill on rye

Smoked salmon pate on rye

Smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill blinis

Smoked salmon pate, crème fraiche, soured cream and horseradish blinis

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon & dill on rye

Crab pate, parsley, cucumber and spring onion crostini

Smoked salmon mousse on rye

Onion bhajis (vegetarian) (Hot/cold)

Cheese & onion baked tart (vegetarian) (Hot/cold)

Plant Lincolnshire style cocktail banger (vegan)

Balsamic-marinated tomatoes, garlic and onion bruschetta (vegan)

Spinach artichoke mushrooms (vegan)

Ricotta tomatoes crostini (vegan)

Tzatziki cucumber slices (vegan)

Goats cheese, date, fresh rosemary blinis (vegetarian)

Roasted peppers, goat cheese and fresh chives crostini (vegetarian)

Pesto & parmesan palmiers (vegetarian)

Blinis with goat's cheese blinis (vegetarian)

Garlic herb cream cheese and avocado blinis (vegetarian)

Goat cheese crostini (vegetarian)

Beetroot, goat's cheese and mint blinis (vegetarian)

Caprese crostini (vegetarian)

Cucumber with whipped feta, sun-dried tomatoes, and basil (vegetarian)

Feta & honey crostini (vegetarian)

Mushroom & avocado crostini (vegetarian)

Chicken drumsticks (Hot/cold)

Chicken & mushroom vol au vents

Smoked bacon & vintage cheddar rolls

Duck Spring Rolls (Hot/cold)

Artichoke hearts, spinach, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, feta frittata

Spinach, peas, bacon, garlic, red chilli, pepper frittata

Bacon and leek frittata


chicken and sweetcorn in béchamel sauce vol au vents

Pepperoni pizza

Sweet chilli chicken pizza

Prawns in mayonnaise vol au vent

Smoked salmon and pea crostini

Smoked salmon, soured cream & chive blinis

Pea and prawn crostini (v)

Crudités with plant based dips (vegan)

Beetroot falafel with red pepper & c

hilli (vegan)


Sweetcorn & quinoa bite (vegan)

Seasoned Hooba meat free mince roll (vegan)

Vegetable samosa vegan rolls (vegan)

Pepper, ricotta, Parmesan, spaghetti, spinach, basil frittata (vegetarian)

Pea, onion, pepper, tomatoes, broccoli, spring onion, mozzarella frittata (vegetarian)

Red onion, sweet potato, pepper, courgette frittata (vegetarian)

Sunblush tomato & cheddar mini muffins (vegetarian)

Cheddar & chives dinky rolls (vegetarian)

Quorn picnic eggs (vegetarian)

Vegetable pakoras (vegetarian) (Hot/cold)


Sausage rolls

Pork & apple sausage roll

Red onion & sage sausage roll (using vegan sausage)

Salmon wrapped in pastry roll with tartare dip

Cheddar, pork and red onion chutney  ausage rolls

Oregano, rosemary and ’nduja sausage rolls

Sage, chilli and feta sausage rolls

Blue cheese, date and walnut sausage rolls

Mustard and tarragon sausage rolls

Mushroom & leek sausage roll (vegan)

Lamb & feta sausage rolls

Pork and black pudding sausage rolls

Caramelised Onion And Blue Cheese Sausage Rolls


Pork & haggis sausage roll

Lorne sausage roll squares

Scottish haggis neeps and tattie Roll

Mini sausage roll

Pulled pork sausage roll

Sausage, sage & caramelised red onion rolls

Cheese, panko breadcrumbs, spring onion & paprika rolls (vegetarian)



Faita chicken skewer with sour cream dip (Hot/cold)

Peri peri chicken skewer with sour cream dip (Hot/cold)

Mozzarella tomato & basil skewer with balsamic dressing (vegetarian)

Garlic & herb chicken skewer (Hot/cold)

Tandoori chicken skewer with raita dip (Hot/cold)

Cajun chicken skewer (Hot/cold)

Sweet chilli chicken skewer (Hot/cold)

Coriander & lime chicken skewer (Hot/cold)

Chilli & lime chicken skewer (Hot/cold)

Honey garlic chicken skewer (Hot/cold)

Sticky chicken skewer (Hot/cold)

Chicken satay skewer (Hot/cold)

Chicken & chorizo skewer (Hot/cold)

Serrano ham and melon skewer (Hot/cold)

Fresh fruit skewer with yoghurt dip

Mozzarella and salami Milano skewers

Faita chicken skewer with sour cream dip (Hot/cold)

Chicken tikka skewer with yoghurt dip (Hot/cold)

Tandoori chicken skewer with raita dip (Hot/cold)

lemon & garlic king prawns skewer with a aioli dip

Honey & mustard chicken skewer (Hot/cold)

Sesame seed salmon skewer


Baked tart

Goats cheese crème fraiche beetroot tart (vegetarian) (Hot/cold)

Mascarpone, herb & roasted capsicum (vegetarian) (Hot/cold)

Leek & goats cheese (Vegetarian)  (Hot/cold)

Goat cheese, tomato, and caramelized onion (vegetarian)  (Hot/cold)

Mushroom and dill (vegetarian)  (Hot/cold)

Leek, lemon, thyme, pancetta and ricotta (vegetarian)  (Hot/cold)

Cheese & onion baked tart (vegetarian) (Hot/cold)

Bacon & cheese baked tart (Hot/cold)

Quiche Lorraine (Hot/cold)

Spring onion, wild garlic, basil, cherry tomatoes & pine nut baked tart (vegan)


Cold tart

Chicken, horseradish & apple tart

Tuna, red onion & black olive tart

Prawn & crab tart with seafood sauce

Pea, leek, feta & mint tart (vegetarian)


Goats cheese crème fraiche beetroot tart (vegetarian)

Brie, honey & apple tart (vegetarian)




Chocolate brownie


Millionaire shortcake

Fresh fruit tarts with mascarpone cheese

Chocolate chip mini muffins

Lemon drizzle cake (v)

Cinnamon flapjack

Mini shortbread


Raison oat

Banana loaf cake

Mini meringue,

Mini chocolate brownie,

caramel flapjack bites,

Viennese swirls,

Brookie Bites,

Millionaire bites

Jaffa cakes (vegetarian)

Lemon slice (vegetarian)

Caramel cake bars (vegetarian)

Bakewell slice (vegetarian)

Country slices (vegetarian)

Vegan chocolate macaroon

Vegan Belgian chocolate cake bars

Vegan nakd cashew cookie bars

Vegan plantastic double chocolate brownie slices

Vegan mini vanilla cupcakes

Vegan chocolate cornflake clusters