Put Together Your Own Brunch & Breakfast Menu Yourself


Choose the number of choices from the following list

Then Email us & receive confirmation, pay & receive the delivery





Choose the number of choices from the following list




BB Menu A

at £ 11.00 per guest


Bakery                         5

Pastries                        3

Cookies           2

Fresh fruit        1

Finger Items     7

Salad                1





BB Menu B

at £ 14.00 per guest


Bakery                         4

Cookies           2

Bakes               3

Cheese board   1




BB Menu BD

at £ 17.95 per guest


Bakery                         6

Pastries                        2

Bakes               2

Cheese board   1

Crudites           1











Egg mayonnaise on wholemeal (v)

Bacon & ketchup on white

Bacon, lettuce, tomato on white

Sausage, bacon & egg mayonnaise on white

Cheddar cheese & tomato on multi seed (v)


Savoury Croissants

Ham & Cheddar cheese filled croissants

Goat’s cheese & tomato filled croissants

Mozzarella, basil, tomato filled croissants



Mozzarella, sundried tomato bagel

Pesto & basil bagel

Bacon & egg, mayonnaise bagel

Cheddar & ham bagel



Cinnamon swirl pastry

Butter croissant pastry

Pain au chocolat pastry

Vanilla crown pastry




White chocolate cookies

Double chocolate cookies

Apple, oat & raison cookies





Viennese swirls,

Chocolate brownies,

Butterscotch blonde bites,

Millionaire bites



Cheese Board

Includes mature Cheddar, Somerset brie, Wensleydale, British blue Stilton, boursin, smoked beechwood

 served with Piccadilly, pickle, crackers & scattered with grapes



Fresh Fruit

Includes melon, pineapple, orange, grape, kiwi,  strawberry, blueberry




Includes pepper, sweetcorn, cucumber, cauliflower, carrot, cherry tomato & broccoli with salsa & humus dips