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AT Menu A

At  £ 12.50 per guest


Bakery                         5

Finger Items     6

Salad                1

Cake                6




AT Menu A

At  £ 13.50 per guest


Bakery                         4

Finger Items     7

Scones             2

Cake                3









Sandwich triangles

Egg mayonnaise on wholemeal (v),

Tuna & sweetcorn mayonnaise on white,

Cheddar cheese & pickle on white (v),

Roast chicken & cucumber on multi seed,

Roast beef with red onion chutney on multi seed

Grilled bacon, lettuce & tomato with mayo on white,

Gammon ham & mustard on white,

Italian salami & peppers on wholemeal,

Cheddar cheese & tomato chutney on white (v),

Beetroot, spinach & goats cheese on white bread (v),

Prawn mayonnaise, leaf, tomato & cucumber on wholemeal

Falafel and Humus on wholemeal,

Humus with cucumber on wholemeal (v)

Cream cheese and roasted pepper on wholemeal (v)

Mozzarella cheese and basil pesto on white (v)

Humus & olive on multi seed (vegan)

Guacamole with sun dried tomatoes on white (vegan)

Chickpea, carrot & capers on wholemeal (vegan)

Cheddar cheese, tomato, spinach & cucumber on wholemeal (vegan)

Beetroot humus & leaves in multi seed (vegan)


Finger sandwiches

Smoked salmon and cream cheese on multi seed

Egg mayonnaise on wholemeal (v),

Gammon ham & mustard on white

Prawn mayonnaise on wholemeal

Roast chicken & cucumber on multi seed



Falafel & humus wrap(vegan),

Bacon, lettuce & tomato,

Chicken salad,

Chickpea, carrot & capers (vegan),

Sweet chilli chicken

Pastrami with cheddar gherkins and mustard,

Milano salami with pesto and tomato,

Prawn & cucumber with lime mayonnaise,

Branston pickle sauce with cheddar cheese (v),

Cream cheese and tomato (v)



Finger Items

Melton Mowbray mini pork pies

Chipolata sausages

Mini sausage rolls

Savoury egg

Bacon & cheese baked tart

Cheese & onion baked tart

Roast beef in mini Yorkshire pudding with horseradish

Southern fried chicken straws

Minced beef pasties

Vegetable samosas

Vegetable pakoras

Onion bhajis

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Chicken poppers

Chicken drumsticks

Chicken & mushroom vol au vents

Maple bacon & extra mature Cheddar,

Vintage Cheddar & caramelised onion

Duck Spring Rolls

Pulled pork sausage roll

Smoked Bacon & Vintage Cheddar Rolls

Hog roast sausage roll


Garlic & herb chicken skewer with sweet chilli dip

Lemon & garlic prawns skewer with aoli dip

Tandoori chicken skewer with raita dip

Mozzarella tomato & basil skewer with balsamic dressing (vegetarian)

Fresh fruit skewers with yoghurt dip


Chicken, horseradish & apple tart

Tuna, red onion & black olive tart

Brie, honey & apple tart

Pea, leek, feta & mint tart

Goats cheese crème fraiche beetroot tart

Prawn & crab tart with seafood sauce




Mixed salad

Pasta salad




Plain & sultana scones with strawberry jam clotted cream




Red velvet cupcakes

Lemon drizzle cake

Mini fruit gateau

Victoria sponge with fresh cream

Fresh fruit skewers with yoghurt dip

Chocolate tarts

Mini cheesecakes

Lemon tarts

Belgian chocolate éclair with cream

Chocolate Brownie


Chocolate chip mini muffins