Finger Buffet Menu B


@ £ 8.50 per guest

(Minimum numbers are 15 guests)


If you would like to book this buffet or have questions email us on

receive confirmation, pay & receive the delivery



Gammon ham & mustard

Italian salami & peppers

Beetroot, spinach & goats cheese (vegetarian) (gluten free)



Prawn mayonnaise, leaf, tomato & cucumber wrap

Cheese & tomato chutney wrap (vegan) (gluten free)


Finger Items

Melton Mowbray mini pork pie

Chipolata sausage

Mini savoury egg

Mini sausage roll

Pepperoni pizza

Roast beef in mini Yorkshire

Cheese & onion quiche (vegetarian)

Vegetable spring rolls (vegetarian

Ricotta, tomatoes crostini (vegan)



Pasta salad (vegetarian)

(pasta, pepper, tomato, Parmesan cheese, cucumber, fresh basil, carrot shreds & olive oil dressing)


Sweet Item

Lemon cake

Cherry bakewell tarts