Finger Buffet Sharing Board Menu D (serves 7 people)


£ 10.00 per person


Small wrap pinwheels

Humus with cucumber and guacamole sauce with sun dried tomato and lettuce pinwheel (vegan)

Branston pickle sauce with cheddar cheese pinwheel (vegetarian)

Prawn & cucumber with lime mayonnaise pinwheel

Chicken. Cream cheese, blue cheese, cheese, onions, hot sauce pinwheel

Sweet chilli chicken pinwheel



Vegetable samosas (vegetarian) (Hot/cold)

Crab pate with green onion & chilli salad blinis

Balsamic-marinated tomatoes, garlic and onion bruschetta (vegan)

Chicken & mushroom vol au vents

Red onion, sweet potato, pepper, courgette frittata (vegetarian)

Caramelised Onion And Blue Cheese Sausage Rolls

Mozzarella tomato & basil skewer with balsamic dressing (vegetarian)

Cajun chicken skewer (Hot/cold)

Goats cheese crème fraiche beetroot tart (vegetarian) (Hot/cold)




Viennese swirls

Chocolate brownies

Brookie Bites

Millionaire bites