Hot & Cold Fork Buffet A (serves 7 people)


Food delivered chilled in foil containers ready for you to reheat thoroughly & put in your dishes to serve


£ 30.00 per head





Hot dish

Tarragon & lemon chicken

chicken fillet pieces in a creamy sauce with delicious lemon & tarragon flavours



Kettle cooked hand sliced gammon ham

with chutney


Roasted chickpea with hummus dressing (vegan)

cayenne, cinnamon, coriander & paprika roasted chickpeas with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red onion & pistachio salad with hummus dill dressing


Sticky chicken skewer


Leek & goats cheese baked tart (Vegetarian)




Basmati rice

Bread rolls




Sweet chilli slaw’ with red cabbage, carrot, cranberry and red onion and our own sweet chilli sauce

Pasta, feta, sweetcorn, & pea salad with yoghurt lemon & chive dressing




Creme Brulee

Fresh fruit skewers