England Six Nations Platter (serves 3 people)


Tuna & sweetcorn mayonnaise on white sandwich


Cheddar cheese & pickle on white (V)


Roast chicken & cucumber on multi seed sandwich


Roast beef with red onion chutney on multi seed sandwich



Crab cake bites

(Crab, cream cheese, sour cream, herb in breadcrumb)


Melton Mowbray pork pie

(Seasoned uncured pork encased in a pastry case)


Steak & kidney pie

(Prime steak individual pies slow cooked in a rich gravy)


Toad in the hole with caramelised onion

(Chipolata sausage in Yorkshire pudding topped with caramelised onion)


Ham and tomato tartlets

(Short crust pastry tart, ham, cherry tomato)


Bubble & squeak(V)

(Savoy cabbage, mashed potato, cheddar, wholegrain mustard cake)


English breakfast paddle

(Sausage, bacon, cherry tomato, mushroom, black pudding, skewer)



Apple pie


Bake well tart(



Walkers ready salted crisps